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Hello, I'm Ally

Ally Kennedy

Clinical Associate

Licensed Professional Counselor

To be neurodivergent means to have a brain that neurologically functions differently than typical. This term includes the many ways that a brain could look different: Autism, ADHD, mental illness such as anxiety, having a brain injury, Epilepsy, etc. Most people (including children) who identify as neurodivergent struggle significantly with fitting into our society as it is a society not built for them. Neurodivergent people work very hard to find ways to survive in the world, which can oftentimes lead to stress, low self-confidence, meltdowns, struggles with identity or even trauma.

In short: Autistic? I'd love to help. Anxiety? I got you. ADHD? Come on in. Got a brain that wants to be authentic but doesn't know where to start? You're my favorite kind of person.

In my practice, I work with neurodivergent kids, teens, and adults to learn more about how their brain works, to help them develop skills to work with their brain in managing their needs and their emotions, and to affirm their authentic selves so that their self-confidence can grow. I utilize an integrative therapeutic approach that utilizes interpersonal neurobiology, person/child-centered theory, and dialectical behavioral therapy to help meet my clients where they are so that we can work towards their goals. Children typically are engaged in a play therapy style while teens and adults lean more toward talk-style therapy, but we can certainly build what is most helpful. My sessions are intended to be engaging, low-stress, and creative to help even the most reluctant clients feel comfortable. Whether you’re looking for help for yourself or your child, let’s chat!

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