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Autism Spectrum

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We are passionate about helping individuals with autism spectrum disorders be able to function in the world to their fullest potential. This comes from a place of personal experience, enhanced by our professional experience. Put simply, we get what you are going through. By meeting each person right where they are—from diagnosis to adulthood, and everywhere in between—we are able to provide a specific treatment plan, unique to each individual. Specializing in the treatment of Autism, we have an understanding of the unique challenges experienced by those with Autism. We also have experience in helping with challenges that often show up alongside Autism, including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, sensory issues, learning differences, and communication differences. We work with all ages, ranging from children to adults.


Play therapy is a wonderful tool that allows Autistic children to explore their feelings and environment while learning skills that can be transitioned into other environments such as home and school. Many Autistic children struggle with verbal communication or processing, and play therapy bridges that gap for them to process struggles or to learn invaluable life skills in a way that feels more natural. Through the act of play, your child will learn more about their emotions and how to cope with them, how to connect more with others, and about what makes them unique.

Pre-teens and teens

Being a teenager is hard enough, let alone having to deal with feeling so different all the time! As Autistic pre-teens and teens go through typical physical and emotional challenges, they may continue to struggle with feeling left out or different as they struggle to connect with their peers. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and misunderstood, which leads to difficulty coping.

We work with Autistic pre-teens and teens on developing their self-esteem, identifying ways to cope and self-soothe in difficult times, self-advocacy when they need help, and processing social situations. Autistic teens also benefit from the typical support of all teens: stress management, processing anxiety and depression, attention to executive functioning skills (planning ahead, organization, etc).


Whether diagnosed at a young age or diagnosed later in life, Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental difference. We at Amy Wine Counseling don’t believe that it is fair for supportive services to end for Autistic adults once they graduate high school, and we are proud to continue serving this community.

Autistic adults often benefit from continued education about their diagnosis, practice in self- advocacy, and support in their transition to adulthood through career and life exploration. They often continue to need support in how to balance social situations with their own self- exploration. Many Autistic adults find that they have also developed additional struggles such as anxiety or depression due to the struggles they went through in their childhood. We meet all of our clients where they are at, and we have a passion for helping them find their authentic selves behind the masking.

Support people

If you are a parent or a supportive figure for a person with Autism, we also are prepared to serve you! The counselors at Amy Wine Counseling offer support for every member of the family to provide education about Autism, create strong sibling alliances, and to provide support for the family and other support persons. Services may include personal therapy, education sessions, and parenting consultations.

If you have any questions about Sequoia Counseling and our therapeutic services feel free to call us at 832-421-8714 or hit the button below to contact us.

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