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3 Common Myths of Christian Counseling

Some people might want to see a Christian Counselor because it resonates with their belief system, but what should you expect? Are we going to just read the Bible together? Will they judge me? 

Are they just going to tell me to pray about it? Let’s look at 3 of the common myths:

1. “Preachy.”

A common fear is that a Christian Counselor will just preach at them and tell them that they need to get right with Jesus, pray, and read the Bible.

2. Close-minded or Judgmental.

Can you really tell your Christian Counselor everything? What if they judge me?  I’m not sure they can handle everything I have done in my past.  Will they meet me where I’m at?

3. Like the “Church Lady.”

Will they be stuffy, old-timey, or think I am Satan? If you aren’t familiar with this character from SNL, please google it now! Dana Carvey did a great job of portraying someone who was “Holier than Thou,” judging each guest and often commenting, “well isn’t that special” in a sarcastic tone. Is this what a Christian Counselor will be like?

The answer to all of these questions should be NO!

As a Christian Counselor, my goal is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment where anyone can come talk about whatever it is that they need to work through. It is not my job to judge a client, it is my job to help. Do we pray in session? Maybe. It depends on the client and their comfort level. Do we talk about Scripture? Maybe. It depends on the client and the issue.

I am not your pastor and I am not your accountability partner. It is not my job to tell you what you need to do. However, it is my job to help you figure out what you need to do. I am here to encourage you and here to walk you through possibilities. You have to do the work, and I am here to help you through it.

Your past is of no consequence to me as a counselor, except how it impacts who you are today. As far as being stuffy, I do not think I am. However, some may be. Every counselor is not for every client. If either the client or I feel that we are not a good fit, we will refer the client to a counselor that is better suited for them.

It is always the client’s right as well, to ask to see a different therapist if they feel they cannot connect in a meaningful way. If you come across a Christian Counselor that is like The Church Lady, then by all means, find a new one!

If you or someone you know, is in need of Christian Counseling, call us today at 832-421-8714 or contact us here. 


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