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3 Questions Every Father Should Ask Himself

The importance of this role has been on my mind with Father’s Day being this month. I start by reflecting on the relationship I have with my father. To begin, we were not close because I lived in Ohio and he lived in Texas. Open and honest communication helped our bond strengthen when I moved to Houston in 2015 to pursue a Ph.D. As a therapist, I know the importance of fatherhood and how it can be a rewarding and challenging role. Keep reading for the 3 questions every father should ask himself.

What are your strengths as a father?

I’m sure you don’t stop often and ask yourself, “What are my strengths as a father, what am I doing really well?” When I ask my clients who are fathers this question, it can take them some time to gather their thoughts. This is an important question because it reminds you of how awesome you are to your kids and what this role means to you.

What are your areas of growth?

What are areas of growth? Most people use the term “weaknesses.” A professor taught me that using the phrase “areas of growth” instead of “weaknesses” can help a person stay in a strength-based mindset. This is a better place to start compared to weaknesses, a place where most people don’t like to admit they’re at. An area of growth could be communication, such as increasing meaningful conversations with your kids to hear more of their thoughts. This can help strengthen a bond, deepen the relationship and maintain a healthy connection.

What did your father teach you?

Let’s be honest, we look at our fathers for the example. We observe the good and the bad. Their actions show us how we want to parent and what we want to do differently. What do you remember most about your father? This type of reflection can help you to identify what healthy relationship traits you are passing down to your kids.

I hope these 3 questions will help you to reflect on what you are doing well as a father, how you can improve in your role and strengthen your relationship with your kids.

We at AWCC  would love to provide a space for you to improve in those areas of growth and reflect on the changes you want to make in the important role you play as a father. Feel free to give us a call at 832.421.8714 to schedule an appointment today.


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