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Dear Mama: A Letter of Recognition & Encouragement

Dear Mama,

So, no one told you life would be this…wait. Let me restart. So, you became a mother? Perhaps while preparing for motherhood, you relished in anticipation of raising a little one or ones. Dreamt about attending mommy-and-me classes, playdates, museums, library story times, etc. Perhaps, you imagined endless cuddles. What did not come to mind, were the sleepless nights followed by active days. Or even the morning tantrums that unfold right when you absolutely need to leave the house in order to make daycare drop off before that 9 AM meeting. There is nothing like a toddler tantrum to remind you that Murphy’s Law exists! Hello, motherhood!

Let me start this letter by acknowledging your overflowing plate. Perhaps, you are beyond exhausted. You cannot even recall the last time you slept in. Another weekday or weekend has come and gone and you still feel like you are just trying to catch your breath. Please know that you are not alone in your struggles of motherhood. 

Please allow me to provide some reassurances for you:

Exhaustion & Insecurities

Q: Has the pantry, bathroom, or ‘quick errands’ become your haven to get some space? A: You are not alone. It is okay to feel depleted from constantly putting the needs of your family before your own.

Q: Are you feeling insecure about how your child is acting? Wondering when will this ‘phase’ end? A: Mama, you are not in the minority here. For whatever question or uncertainty, you may have; there is another mother wondering the exact same thing.

Sacrifices and Stressors

Q: Feeling stressed about not getting enough done during the day? A: That is ok. Just remember that you are only one person and they are only 24 hours in a day. What was not accomplished today can wait for tomorrow.

Q: Do you stress about not spending enough time with your children? A: I am convinced that this will be a Mama-guilt trip topic until the end of time! I can relate. Just know that any opportunity is a chance to pause and connect with your child. Just seize the moment.

Thriving Despite it All

Motherhood changes your life in scary and unforeseen ways. In many cases, it completely changes who you are and who you identify as. But also remember that motherhood is a journey composed of seasons. They all have their challenges. Some very amazing and seasoned mothers that I look up to, once told me: “It never gets easier; just different.” Relish in this journey and know that you are a stronger and more capable human being because of it.

Sincerely signed,

Another Mama

For questions or if you are seeking support in reaching your motherhood journey, please contact the Amy Wine Counseling Center at (832) 421-8714 and ask for Patricia.


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