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Exploring Fostering: Is Fostering Right for Me?

Fostering a child is a selfless and admirable thing to do. It can change not only a child’s life but also your own. However, if you are considering walking this journey it’s important to stop and reflect on whether fostering is right for you. In this blog post we will explore how counseling can assist you in making an informed decision about fostering. 

1.Self- Reflection  

Engaging in counseling sessions provide a safe space for you to explore your emotions, motivation, and any concerns you may have about fostering. A counselor can help you identify strengths, as well as any limitations.

2. Commitment 

Fostering requires a commitment of time, energy, resources, and emotion. Are you prepared to provide a stable and nurturing environment for a child who may have experienced trauma or uncertainty? Are you willing to learn and grow in being trauma informed and apply the necessary skills to provide a safe and loving home. Being consistent and reliable is necessary for a child’s sense of security. 

3. Support System

Evaluate your support network. Foster parenting can be emotionally demanding and having a strong support system is helpful. It may look like friends, family, professionals, and other foster families. Having others to share both challenges and celebrations help the foster parent and family. 

4. Cultural Sensitivity 

Many children in foster care come from diverse backgrounds. Reflect on your ability to embrace and respect cultural, ethnic, and religious differences that a child may bring into your home. Cultural sensitivity is integral in creating a nurturing environment. 

5. Educational Preparedness

Familiarize yourself with the foster care system in your home state. Attend training sessions and orientations to enhance your knowledge of the foster care system and your role as a foster parent. There are many different types of fostering and levels. Enhancing your knowledge and understanding of trauma informed care, child devolvement, effective communication and discipline will help you feel more prepared when you are ready to receive a child. There is also a legal aspect including licensing requirements, background checks and court proceedings. Ensure you’re prepared for the paperwork and logistical responsibilities that come with caring for a child in the system. For example, if child has visits with biological parents ensuring you know the location, time, frequency and if they will be supervised or not. 

6. Flexibility

Foster parenting requires adaptability as things can always change. Think about your ability and willingness to be flexible and patient when there is uncertainty. Being open minded is an important skill to have when navigating the complexities of foster care. Children in foster care often come with unique challenges and needs. Patience and flexibility are necessary traits for foster parents. Are you prepared to adapt to the child’s individual circumstances and support them through potential behavior or emotional struggles?

7. Personal Health and Well- being 

Your own well-being is vital. Foster parenting can be emotionally taxing and learning to prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work life balance. Recognize when to seek support for your own mental and emotional well-being. 


Foster care is a noble undertaking that can positively impact a child’s life. By examining your motivations, capabilities, and support system you can make an informed decision about whether foster care is the right fit for you. Remember the journey may be challenging but the rewards of providing a stable and loving home to a child in need are immeasurable. All the work, trainings and time put into helping you become ready is worth providing a home and family for a child in need of one. 


Evelyn Mendoza, LPC Associate

Life can seem overwhelming but you are not alone. I am here to work with you to help identify goals and potential solutions that are causing the imbalances in your life or family. I believe that you have the tools you need to cope in life but may need the right support to get there. Let’s work together to improve communication and coping skills to strengthen your mental health.I would be honored to help you, your spouse or children, one step at a time.


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