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These past several weeks have been quite busy for me. I have been working, going to school, and now I’m currently helping an old business friend set up her project management office. Unfortunately, I have also fallen way behind in my workouts. Luckily, we “gained” an hour this week by moving our clocks back. I was able to take full advantage of the time and get a long run in; well – a long run for me!

When things are busy in one area of our life, we sometimes fall behind in other areas.

Daylight savings reminded me about how important it is to take time to write out goals. There is something very powerful about writing down what you want. You take the energy from your thoughts and put them on paper. Just this one little step can make a huge amount of difference.

I must have passed about 50 buildings and strip centers while driving today. All of these buildings originally started out as an idea. Someone thought, “I think a building belongs in this area.” They wrote it down, shared their plans with another person, and started the process reaching their goal. However, it all started with an idea that began to take form once it was put on paper.

It can be hard to write your goals down.

Maybe it is the fear of not being successful that stops us from developing our goals. Possibly, we let our thoughts fool us that all our barriers are just too much to overcome. Sometimes we just don’t know how to write them down in a meaningful way. If you fall in any of these categories, it can be helpful to remember that setting goals works a lot like our ability to see – i.e. the closer we get to our destination, the greater the clarity we gain.

In a few weeks, I’ll start laying out some processes that will allow you to practice some goal setting with me. For now, start thinking about some of those goals you would like for your physical, social, spiritual, relationship, and career self.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you make great use of that extra hour; even if it just means an extra hour of earned rest!

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