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Importance of Friendship

At some point in your therapy journey, your therapist is likely to assess for protective factors that help individuals with resiliency and coping bandwidth when going through difficult times or managing mood disorders or traumas. One protective factor we look for is FRIENDSHIP! Having healthy friendship is a protective factor for both emotional health and physical health. 

What is important about having a best friend? Well, psychology reveals that strong friendship is a critical factor in emotional well being. Close friendship, like having a best friend, can increase happiness, self-esteem, and sense of purpose. Within the safety of a healthy friendship with a best friend we can learn tons of important life skills – conflict resolution skills, defining priorities, our likes and dislikes. Having a best friend can help us find more friends so you can enjoy those other friendships, too. The effort a best friend puts in a relationship often results in having someone there through it all. We often can see who our best friend or friends are in times of need. 

Friendship also has been shown to lower our blood pressure and lengthen our life span. Having a strong social connection can also help offset the stressors in our lives. This is health because negative emotions like stress contribute to unhealth. Friends can also help promote healthy behavior and habits like going for a walk together. Friends are also likely to observe and discuss about concerns of unhealthy habits you may be engaging too much in such as drinking too much. 

Friendship is important. Celebrate the friends in your life today! 

Also please know: if friendship is something you long for that you are struggling to cultivate in your life, please reach out to Amy Wine Counseling Center. We are here to help!

Sarah Dailey

Sarah Dailey, LPC

I help my clients as they walk through life’s valleys. Meeting them in the dark places to acknowledge and support my clients enables them to explore and discover their own worth and value. Just as we are hurt in relationships, I believe that we are also healed in relationship with one another. Together, we will find the tools and insight to process your experience and hopefully you will leave feeling encouraged. In particular, I enjoy marriage and family therapy.


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