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Living Positive

If you turned on the news today, you would be told that the world is dangerous and unhappy. All hope is lost, you’re not safe, and you’re in danger of everything.

It is true, we live in an imperfect world where danger is real. You may have to search for hope and will have to choose to be happy. However, there are tons of hopeful, loving and positive things going on in the world.

To be honest, you don’t even have to look that hard for it. There is positivity all around us. You just need to learn how to look for it. Although, the world is imperfect, the news and our peers focus on the negative. That doesn’t mean you have to focus on the negative. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression know that looking at things positively is a challenge. Focusing on the positive takes practice if it doesn’t come easy to you. The following are things you can practice to begin living positive.

Make the choice

I’ve written, “choose to live positive,” a couple of times because it is definitely a choice. The decision to be constructive, optimistic, or confident is up to you. This means opening up your mind to the idea that you have control of your outlook.

Gain Perspective

Learn to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. It is very possible some part of your life could be better. There has to be something in your life that you find value in. Start there and gather the things you hold dear. Focus on the intrinsic value.


Learn to celebrate the small wins. Acknowledge that waking up, dropping your kids off, and making it to work on time without fault is a success. Because we know there is negativity in the world, it makes the positive that much better.


Look for positive things. Throughout your day take opportunities to ask people about their positive experiences. Look for reasons to laugh as often as possible.

If you are having problems living positive feel free to call Amy Wine Counseling Center at 832-421-8714.


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