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The Power of Connection – Part 2

Two weeks ago, I discussed Brene Brown’s, The Power of Vulnerability. This week, I’d like to expand on a concept that Brene Brown introduced – the relationship we have with ourselves.

Self Love

Prior to listening to Dr. Brown’s audiobook, I was constantly looking at the relationships my clients have with their parents, their spouses, and their friends. However, as Dr. Brown eloquently points out, “we all have a relationship with ourselves” (Brown, 2012). If a person has a strong support system, but feels they are not worthy, then the support system is nullified. Dr. Brown calls those persons with a healthy love of self as “whole hearted” people. This is the variable that she cites is the difference between those people who feel connected and those who feel disconnected.

Thus, connected, whole-hearted people have the courage to share their story.  They have the compassion to be kind to themselves (Brown, 2012). Then, in turn, they can pour their compassion out to others. Her research reveals that connection is the result of a willingness to first accept and embrace the person they are.

Recognizing that we are not the person that we should be, but believing that we are still worthy, is the first step to becoming who we want to be.  Moreover, being vulnerable, although uncomfortable, is necessary (Brown, 2012). This means that we must accept ourselves even if we are in the process of changing.  We must come to terms with our shortcomings and we must accept them.

Finally, we must then be willing to make those changes. The process of self-acceptance is crucial to our own journey of becoming who we want and need to be. I do not believe that we will ever fully become actualized, but the pursuit is what we owe to ourselves.  We must be willing to make amends with ourselves. Then, we will begin to grow and find joy, creativity, and happiness.

Remember, you are worthy of being accepted – just as you are.

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