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In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike.
And no two journeys along the same path are alike.

Paulo Coelho

We believe that every person can strive toward and reach their full potential. Each of our counselors brings a unique set of strengths and extensive training to their practice and works with you to support you in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

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Who we are

Sequoia Counseling Center is a group counseling practice located in Cypress, Texas that is dedicated towards walking alongside all members of our community empowering them to discover hope, healing, and happiness. We specialize in working with children, teens, individual adults, couples, and families to help you fulfill your life and relationship goals.

At Sequoia Counseling, we are committed to offering you the best counseling experience we can, while respecting and affirming your personal values, faith, spirituality, racial and ethnic background, sexual identity and orientation in a supportive, non-judgmental setting.

A brief review of our counselor’s bios will help you learn a bit about them as people, as well as their focus on individual, couples or family therapy and whether they work with children, teens or adults. We strive to make your counseling experience positive and progressive. Finding the right fit in your counselor is the first step on your journey.

What we do

At Sequoia Counseling Center, we believe that every person can strive toward and reach their full potential. We help you get there by supporting you in:

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Enhancing communication and understanding

  • Balancing power struggles in the family and between partners

  • Working through difficult emotions and traumatic experiences

  • Helping you lead a richer and more joyful life

Our counselors can help you navigate those times when life doesn’t turn out quite how you expected. We walk with you on your journey through anxiety, stress, sadness, grief, depression and all the other tough emotions that might come your way.

If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed the counselors at Sequoia Counseling center offer a thoughtful and engaging outlet for you to move past the obstacles you may find yourself confronting and into a better place. Whether you have your own challenges, are concerned about your child or teen or need help in marriage or relationship, we can work with you to move toward greater peace and a more balanced life.

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How we do it

The counselors at Sequoia Counseling Center have extensive training in different kinds of therapy. For the most part, we do what’s known as ‘talk therapy’, where we will sit with you as an individual, couple or family and discuss the issues at hand. With children and teens, we sometimes engage in more creative outlets, like play therapy and expressive arts.

Your therapy is your own and we encourage you to move at your own pace, guiding you in the direction you need to go, but not directing you or giving you advice. We help you reveal the tools and techniques that work best for you as an individual, couple or family. In a physically and emotionally comfortable environment, we help you realize your personal vision for your life and support you in your journey to health and happiness.

Get to know the Sequoia Counseling Center Staff!

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