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Adult Counseling

It is not uncommon at times to be met with challenges or situations you are not quite equipped to handle on your own. Maybe you are going through some sort of major life transition, like the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or career disruption. Perhaps you are having difficulty in your relationship, burdened by traumatic life experiences, or struggling with the repeated patterns of behavior. Any of these situations can prevent you from finding the peace and joy you deserve.

Whatever your personal reasons for seeking counseling, it is likely you are here because you have come to a place in your life where you feel like a change needs to be made. That could mean learning to better cope with your current thoughts and feelings, or working through past trauma. You may find yourself experiencing unexpectedly intense emotions, like anxiety or depression, that you simply don’t understand, or are having difficulty managing. Counseling empowers you to make the kind of changes that will help you free yourself of limits and reach your highest potential.

In a safe, nonjudgmental setting, you will learn to manage your intense and painful emotions, while regaining your confidence and self-esteem. You will have the opportunity to overcome traumatic life events and break self-defeating patterns of thought and behavior. With the guidance of our experienced counselors, you can heal the obstacles to your personal growth.

Life Changes

One of the only things you can be certain of is that life is full of change. Often that change comes without any warning or notice. When you are confronted with high stress, feeling confused, numb, and overly emotional are common reactions. Feeling this way can lead you to lose your rational perspective and this often leads to poor decision-making or an inability to see options. Counseling can support you in moving beyond your confusion and pain. Together we can sort through your experience, helping you gain a sense of how you got where you are, what to do right now, and what to do next. By coming to understand what your life looks like after the changes you’ve experienced, you can renew your sense of purpose, and find fulfillment in your life as it is today.


The way you set up your relationships comes out of your experience with parents, siblings, extended family members, and other people who have influenced you. When you establish relationships outside the family, you tend to bring this model—and all the stresses and struggles that go with it—along with you. This can create obstacles to your happiness, and even sabotage the quality of your relationships with others. When trying to manage the kind of emotional set-ups you bring into your current relationships, breaking free of old patterns and power struggles can be challenging. While you may have worked hard to overcome your past experiences, they may still be haunting you. Together we can break down your past experience and find tools to help you release the anger, resentment, and sadness of the past, helping you create strong, positive relationships now and in the future. You will learn healthy ways of thinking that will replace your previous thoughts. This will lead you to a more secure experience and happier life.


Trauma is any negative experience you’ve had that was unexpected, prolonged, and overwhelming. These kinds of experiences change the way you see the world. Wounds from traumatic experiences are often difficult to heal, leading to overwhelming inner pain. Although you may have tried to forget the experience, and rationalize the wounds away, the pain and trauma do not simply disappear. When your trauma is a secret, this pain can be even heavier. Despite this immediate burden, you can move beyond a traumatic life experience and heal your suffering. Working together, we will find ways for you to resolve the painful, recurring thoughts and feelings consuming you. You will learn to alleviate your feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger, replacing them with a sense of hope and renewed peace of mind.

If you have any questions about Sequoia Counseling and our therapeutic services feel free to call Sequoia  Counseling Center at (832) 421-8714 or click the button below to send us a message.

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