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Christian Counseling

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the father except through me.” (John 14:6). As believers, it is our faith that saves us, and it is our faith that sustains us through life’s journeys, tests, and tragedies. Jesus is our great teacher and counselor and He encourages us to not face these struggles by ourselves (Matthew 18:20). Our counselors will walk alongside you, while utilizing scripture that is applicable to your concerns.

Why Christian Counseling with Us?
Even with the strongest of faith we can struggle to find answers to problems, and at times find ourselves alone in the darkest of places. It is at those times that an experienced counselor who understands how faith plays into the resolution of your day to day concerns can help. At Sequoia Counseling Center, many of our counselors are specifically trained in Christian Counseling at a seminary level. We are ready to help you meet the demands of balancing your daily burdens with the blessing of your faith.

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What's the difference?

All counseling, secular or Christian, has one intention: to help people process what they are struggling with and overcome their challenges, all the while finding meaning and joy in life. Christian and secular counseling, however, differ in one significant way. Secular counseling relies on psychological principles and methods for achieving more positive outcomes. Christian counseling intertwines Christ’s salvation and teachings along with the disciplines of psychology to promote both psychological and spiritual health.

Another difference between Christian counseling and secular counseling is that secular counseling relies primarily on theory and conjecture. Christian counseling, on the other hand, relies on the absolute of Scripture as a point of reference for working through the challenges you may be facing. Christian counselors use biblical teaching to inform how they approach what’s troubling you and bring it to resolution.

Like other forms of therapy, Christian counseling recognizes the importance of supporting your mental and emotional health. It also takes into account the symptoms that may lead to a traditional diagnosis of your concerns. In addition, like secular counseling, Christian counseling uses self-auditing and introspection to guide the therapeutic process. Christian counseling, however, goes one step further in its recognition of scripture that traditional therapy does not provide. With an added focus on your spiritual health and personal relationship with God, Christian counseling stays grounded in the belief that your personal problems, emotional stresses, and mental health concerns can be reframed through your faith. Your struggle can be replaced with a renewed sense of self-worth and spiritual fulfillment.

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