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Hello, I'm Kristin.

Kristin King


Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

So often we live our lives "stuck." Stuck in the same patterns of thinking, the same unhealthy habits, the same problems in our relationships. Our best efforts may not be enough to free us. Other times, our lives are disrupted by unexpected difficulties, like loss, trauma, or infidelity. The process of counseling can be both challenging and life-changing, and is frequently a means which provides refuge, freedom, and restoration in relationship. Whatever your present difficulties, I'm dedicated to partnering with you by offering a genuine, caring relationship, quality interventions, and an unwavering hope for healing.

My approach to counseling is eclectic and tailored to meet your needs, values, and goals. I often utilize elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as we work together to reframe challenges my clients are confronting and develop tools that empower clients in changing thoughts, feelings and actions to positively impact change in their overall lives and relationships.

I have more than a decade worth of experience working with individuals (teens & adults), couples, and families. I primarily treat those with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, trauma, adjustment needs, and infidelity.

I also have extensive experience in Biblical/Christian Counseling. It is a joy to integrate my clients’ existing spiritual beliefs as a foundation in counseling. I believe strongly that regardless of your spiritual beliefs, it is my job to come alongside you in your journey and work hard to not impose my own values, opinions, or beliefs onto my clients.

I believe we have the ability to overcome any problem we face and live bigger lives than we thought possible. It’s my goal to partner with you through this process, to support you as you navigate towards your very best life. Beginning the counseling process can often feel intimidating. I am hopeful that in knowing my heart for people who are hurting and my knowledge of the counseling process, you can be put at ease.

Regardless of how intimidating that first step can be, I know from my own experiences with counseling that it is so worth it. I would love to hear from you and to begin a journey of hope and healing together.

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