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Hello, I'm Nikki.

Nikki Larsen

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Associate

Supervised by Erika Yourdan, M.A., LMFT-Supervisor

We are all storytellers. I believe that people are shaped by the stories they are told by family, friends, culture, society, or even themselves. Sometimes stories are ruled by brokenness, fear, hurt, past trauma, or future anxieties. Dominant themes that run these stories might include “I’m not enough,” or, “I’m a failure.” It can be intimidating, scary, or even painful to share our stories with others, but letting people into your narrative is the most beautiful act of bravery.

An important part of my job is to ensure all of my clients feel that they are safe and comfortable enough to share their stories with me and that they are in control of our time together; this is how hope and healing can enter into the story. I utilize a systemic lens to zoom out and see the bigger picture of what is going on in your story, and together, we can begin to process and deconstruct how to change the narrative. Whether you need coping skills, time and space to process, or someone to offer support, change is possible.

I aim to be an ally to all communities and all stories. Whether you are facing anxious thoughts or feelings, major transitions or adjustments, or relational difficulties within your marriage or family, I am here and equipped to help. It is a great honor to be a part of your healing journey (whether it includes me or not), and I am hopeful for you and whatever your story holds.

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