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Hello, I'm Rebekah.

Rebekah McKinney

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Play Therapist

EMDR Certified

I consider it a great privilege and honor to journey with others through life’s challenges, adventures, setbacks, and celebrations. Life can be full of trials and unexpected circumstances, but when we have the support of another person, the impossible becomes possible again. I believe in the power of hope and healing, and I desire to come along side you to help you find both. I would love to help empower you to find the tools you need to get un-stuck and walk through the season you are in.

My approach to counseling is integrative and I use a variety of techniques. I believe that every person is unique and should be met from a unique perspective based on their needs and goals for counseling. My biggest goal is to create a safe, compassionate atmosphere where we can establish a relationship built on trust and respect. I want you to feel comfortable to be exactly who you are. Ultimately, I want to help you dig deep, so you can understand the roots of your current challenges - not just make quick fixes on a surface level. Whether you’re seeking counseling for yourself or your child, I want to make the experience as supportive and hopeful as possible.

One of my great loves is incorporating Christian and biblical principles to my clinical practice when appropriate. I do not impose my own values or beliefs onto my clients, but if integrating spiritual beliefs is something you desire, I would love to come alongside you in this way.

Having been through my own personal counseling journey, I know how scary and hard the first step towards counseling can be. It would be a true honor and delight to journey with you as you take the next step towards hope and healing.

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