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Hello, I'm Sarah.

Sarah Howard

Director of Operations

Licensed Professional Counselor

EMDR Certified

Do you find yourself encountering distressing problems or issues in your life that always seem to be a sticking point, no matter how much work or effort you’ve put into resolving or healing from them? Oftentimes this can happen when we focus on changing the symptoms we are seeing on the outside, such as our emotions, thoughts or behaviors, which can prevent, or prolong, our brain healing in the way it needs.

Through the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing (EMDR) therapy, I work with my clients to facilitate the natural healing process their brain wants to engage in. By strengthening skills you already possess and developing new skills you might need, you will be able to work towards overcoming the aspects of your life that you may feel stuck in. Although EMDR is often referenced in relation to trauma and/or PTSD, it is an effective form of treatment for anyone who has ever experienced distressing life experiences, such as anxiety, panic disorder, grief, and/or depression.

My background and training also allows me to incorporate elements of Christian counseling into my work with clients by request.

Throughout my experience as a therapist, one thing that I have learned, and that has been most impactful to me when it comes to the work that I do, is that each and everyone of my clients is different and has different needs. My ultimate goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment for my clients to achieve healing, incorporating the unique aspects of their lives that enhance that process.

Starting the therapeutic process can feel like an overwhelming step, but I want to encourage you to take it! If you want to have a conversation about starting the process, or even just to gain more insight into how the therapeutic process works, I would be honored for the chance to be a part of that process with you!

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