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An Open Letter to My Psychotherapy Clients

To those afraid I’m judging them

I’ve heard it all, and I can guarantee you that I’m not easily surprised. I work with the emotionally sticky. I don’t hand you a tissue when you’re crying. Yes, they’re accessible if you want one, but I will never suggest you “clean up”. I want you to feel it all – this is where growth happens. Additionally, I never accept apologies for crying. You will never be shamed in my office. I bring zero judgment into the room – I aim to ooze unconditional acceptance and love during our sessions and in my personal life. My silence may mean that I’m giving you space to process your thoughts or to articulate what I’d like to say, but never that I am judging you. No matter what you tell me, we are all human, we are all equals.

To the teens that sit on my couch and freely express not wanting to be there

I don’t take it personally. My office is your space to get it all out, anyway, and I laugh a little on the inside because I’ve been there. I know you have your walls. Why wouldn’t you? You feel misunderstood, rejected, betrayed, and unable to trust because everyone disappoints you. Maybe you’re trying to figure me out, maybe you have given up, but I am here with you. You often apologize later on, but you don’t have to. While you do need to learn how to channel it, (and that’s my job to help you with) I hope you never lose that fire within you.

To all and above all

I am honored that you share the deepest, darkest parts of yourself with me. When I tell people I’m a therapist, I hear “wow it must be hard to hear tough things all day…” Sure, some days are emotionally challenging, but ALL days are rewarding, and besides, being the client is much more difficult. You don’t know me, yet you trust me enough to let me unweave the unpleasant, emotionally charged thoughts in your mind keeping you stuck. You are the definition of vulnerability. I can read all day long, but with you, I’ve witnessed resilience. I’ve watched as life stretched you past what you thought was your breaking point, and you’ve been able to rebound back.  I’ve watched you become softer after life had hardened you – how after you let your walls down with me, you let them down with your loved ones. I’ve seen how developing boundaries allowed you to patch holes, keeping yourself full rather than feeling constantly depleted. I listened as you’ve told me how you’ve taken what you’ve learned in our time together and woven it into every aspect of your life outside of my office. I am inspired by you all.

If we only briefly worked together, maybe I wasn’t a fit for you, or maybe you weren’t ready, but I will always be rooting for you. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call Amy Wine Counseling Center. Together, we can #endthestigma

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