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Dating Your Spouse on a Budget

Fanning the flame of desire in your marriage doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg it can be fun and stay in budget!  Date nights (or days) are about connection and intimacy, not spending the money you should be paying your light bill with.  Dinner and a movie is great, Netflix and chillin’ works well, or hitting up happy hour at your favorite pub can certainly be fun, but all of which are going to cost a decent amount of money.  With a little creativity and thoughtfulness you can enjoy a wonderful date with your spouse without breaking the bank.  Below are 24 ways to enjoy time with your spouse that cost less than $10. (Disclaimer: I know finding childcare is expensive.  My suggestion on keeping that cost down is alternating childcare with friends who have kids or use bartering as a method to minimize childcare cost).  As I’ve mentioned before, being playful is essential in maintaining a lasting, meaningful relationship, so hopefully the ideas below get you motivated.

24 Budget Minded Dating Ideas

  1. Picnic at a local park

  2. Work out together

  3. In-house spa night

  4. Practice Kama Sutra

  5. Play board games

  6. Test drive an expensive car

  7. Go garage sale-ing together

  8. Cook together

  9. Ice cream date

  10. Coffee date

  11. Visit an animal shelter and pet the animals

  12. Volunteer together

  13. Go to the park and play Frisbee, basketball, yoga, etc.

  14. Bake a cake together

  15. Binge watch a show (probably not doing this if you have kids)

  16. Go through the Guiness Book of World Records and find one to break

  17. Go to a driving range and hit golf balls

  18. Build a fort and watch a movie

  19. Go to a bookstore together to browse

  20. Make birthday cards to send throughout the year

  21. Have bikes? Go on a bike ride

  22. Check out your town’s events webpage for free events

  23. Go stargazing

  24. Take turns planning a $10 date to see how creative you each can be

If you and your spouse are looking for help beyond budget minded dating ideas counseling can be a great tool to help you reconnect. If you are interested in discussing the possibilities for you and your spouse you can contact us here or call 832-421-8714.


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