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Sometimes Life Just Sucks..and That’s OK

The Truth.

Authenticity – it’s something that we crave, we seek after, we talk about, but when it faces us, it’s often uncomfortable and we don’t know what to do with it. We are used to the truth being brushed off and prettied up for us, or having extra sharp edges added to it and thrown at us violently. Positive psychology and self talk is posted around all the time. Side note, it can work and be extremely helpful so don’t knock it yet.. but it doesn’t solve everything. 

It doesn’t immediately solve those days when the situations are truly out of your hands and everything seems to be caving in. It doesn’t immediately solve the days when the stressors become so much you hide in bathroom and cry. It doesn’t immediately solve the crushing feeling of hopelessness as you stare at the loaded gun in front of you. 

What would it be like to be going through a difficult time in your life and just have someone sit down with you and agree, “Life is really really difficult right now and it just sucks.” Not try to fix it, not try to tell you what to do or remind you how you got there in the first place, but just listen, truly listen with intent to understand fully what you are going through. 

The Art of Listening

That’s what counseling is. Sometimes in my office we celebrate victories or puzzle and work through problems. Sometimes I am teaching skills and concepts that you can take home to make a difference that day. Sometimes, we just cry together. I won’t sugar coat or lie to  you. I won’t make you the promise it will all be better if we follow a few simple things, because life doesn’t work on those guarantees and I know that. But I can guarantee you that I will listen and support you during your journey. 

We Get Through It

Someday there may be a rainbow and pot of gold and we will celebrate that. But right now, it’s ok if it seems dark and you feel crazy. You are surviving in the best way you possibly can and that’s enough. You are strong and resilient in the middle of some intensity that feels impossible to carry sometimes. I will be honest with you. I will be real with you. I will be authentic. 

If you are ready to talk, please call Amy Wine Counseling Center at 832.421.8714 and ask for Alyssa.


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