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What is Pride Month?

Happy Pride Month!

To begin, it is important that I highlight this pride-filled month as a therapist that provides counseling services for the LGBTQ+ community. An overwhelming number of clients start therapy by telling me about experiences that were not accepting of their identity. This brings on feelings of shame, guilt and fear. These feelings commonly lead to depression and anxiety. Therefore, people in the LGBTQ+ community are 3 times more likely to experience a severe mental health condition, such as, depression, anxiety or PTSD. This information makes you start to see the importance of celebrating this community. Keep reading as I share details on the history of Pride, it’s importance, and the Houston’s Pride parade.

History of Pride

In brief, Pride started in 1970 New York one year after the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village- according to the Human Rights Campaign. Pride was initially a political demonstration that declared LGBT demands for equal rights and protections. As a result, more cities had demonstrations to make the same demands for the LGBT community. Did you know that the first Pride parade took place in Houston in 1979?

Importance of Pride

Meanwhile, you may be thinking, “Pride is just a parade and about partying.” Yes, there is a big parade and several parties. Houston’s is “Texas size.” However, there is a bigger purpose to this event. Pride is about celebrating life, love, liberty and community. From a mental health perspective, imagine being told your identity is wrong, doesn’t matter and is not afforded the same privileges as heterosexual people. Every year, Pride provides an acceptance space where you can BE YOU and BE PROUD!

Pride in Houston

Hence, this year’s parade will take place June 23, 2018 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm in Downtown Houston. Thankfully, the celebration is during the evening to avoid the overwhelming heat during the Houston summer. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend this exciting and uplifting event. Visit to learn more and get event updates.

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