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Adoption Competent Counseling


It can take a long time to find the right fit as a client looking for a counselor. Counseling is at its core a relationship, and individuals want to have relationships with those that they feel understand them. A big part of finding the right fit is finding a counselor to connect with on a relationship level, who also understands the specific concerns that you have. Looking at a counselor’s specialty areas is a great way to find that perfect fit!

Unfortunately, an article published in 2012 highlighted that some parents looking for a counselor that was competent to work with their family formed through adoption had to seek out as many as 10 counselors before finding a good fit (Adkinson-Bradley, Debose, Terpstra, & Bilgic, 2012)! Ten times meeting with different counselors and leaving disappointed seems like it would be pretty discouraging when you are seeking out help.

So what should you look for when seeking out adoption counseling?

Atkinson, Gonet, Frundlich, and Riley (2013) identified that counselors who are adoption competent use evidence based practice, focus on family and individual strengths. They are also aware of grief, loss, skilled in advocacy, and attachment issues. These counselors stand out among the adoption competent professionals. Whether you are a birth mother/father, an adoptive parent, adopted child, or sibling of an adopted child there are unique concerns that every member of the adoption triad copes with.

Adoption is a beautiful thing. It is the forming of a family. Families formed through adoption are faced with concerns and challenges. Some of those are uniquely impacted by the adoption piece of the family puzzle. Working with a counselor who is aware of the importance of that piece of your family puzzle is a powerful thing.

Danielle Marks has written articles for academic journals. Recently, she published an article on adoption in the Association for Play Therapy Magazine. She has presented at state and national conferences on adoption competence. Danielle is excited to continue learning even more about adoption counseling.

If you are ready to take the next step in your adoption please call us today at 832-421-8714 or email us to make an appointment.


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