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How to Beat the Monday Blues

Numerous individuals spend Sunday in a state of “dread” over the upcoming Monday. Anxiety is felt as work, school, projects, and deadlines flood our brains. So, what can we do about this?  Is there any way to pull ourselves out of this weekly downhill spiral?


Mindfulness is a great option when attempting to combat Monday Blues. If we try to ground ourselves in the present and enjoy the rest of the weekend, we might be able to calm our feelings of dread for the next day.  Mindfulness means focusing on what you are doing in the present. Enjoying activities that are currently happening might help stop the dread from seeping in.

Having a Plan

Taking some time out of your weekend to plan out your week can help tremendously with Sunday night apprehension. Going into the busy week knowing the obstacles you are going to face can help turn that stress into a more goal-oriented mindset.  Positive self-talk is also a reminder that you have defeated Monday woes before and it can be done again!

Organize and Prep

When you clean your home, catch up on laundry, and de-clutter, you are certainly setting yourself up for a more successful week.  Set some time aside during Saturday or Sunday to do some of these tasks.  Your stress levels will probably be very appreciative come Monday.

Take the Healthy Route, and Don’t Drown Your Sorrows

Monday is much more manageable when you are at your physical and emotional best. This means walking into work without a hangover.  Drowning your sorrows on Sunday evening might sound like a good plan at the time, but think of the next morning.  Walking into a meeting or greeting your coworkers with a headache does not sound like the optimal way to start the week!  It’s just a thought.

For more information on how to beat the “Monday Blues” or any other topic regarding mental health, we are here for you!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 832-421-8714 or email.  We are here to help with your Monday morning woes in any way that we can!  You are not alone!


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