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Self Care in 5 Minutes or Less for the Busy Mom

When it came time to write this article, my partner asked me what felt alive for me in life at the moment. My response? “Sleep!”

Self care

Sleep and other forms of self care can be extremely difficult and feel impossible to achieve sometimes, especially as a parent. We don’t have the luxury of sleeping in, or changing plans last minute because we just need an easy day to ourselves. We hear the phrases of “Take care of yourself! “Remember your self care” “Take a you day!” all the time, but in reality, it’s not always that easy to accomplish. There is an internal and external pressure to be put together and on top of things all the time when raising these little humans around us. 


I know you think I’m crazy but give me a minute to explain. Meditation can happen in more places than just the middle of a yoga studio or in an ashram in India. The practice of meditation is to relax your mind and let it breathe even in the middle of our chaos. There are several free apps that can help facilitate this and it helps me focus on letting my mind rest instead of making up a grocery list. 

Eating with purpose

It’s easy to just eat scraps off your child’s plate, or pick at food while cooking for your family. However, your brain and body is the one organizing and doing so much work, it deserves fuel to help you get through your day and night. Even if it’s just five minutes, try sitting down with some food and a full glass of water. Fueling your body fuels your family, it’s ok to sit down and breathe while you give yourself what you need to do. 

Aesthetic Care

No you don’t have time for a 60 minute bath maybe or a hair salon visit, but can you take a few minutes to do a hand scrub with some oil and sugar? A three minute face mask? Leave in conditioner that only takes 30 extra seconds?

Make a “Thankful” List

Our days get super stressful and full of headaches and our lists are mainly “to dos” or “honey dos.” Take a few minutes and jot down a few things that have happened today you are grateful for. Even if it’s just finding an empty line at the gas station or not hitting any red lights. 

Pay It Forward

Doing or saying something nice for someone else can really help light up a day. Try finding one or two things that you appreciate or admire about someone and communicate that with them. 

Stretch Your Body

Pinterest is full of these ideas! Desk stretches, against a wall, holding a baby, doing laundry, all of these are activities that can be done while moving your body and stretching your muscles. You’ll be amazed how much purposeful stretching and breathing can lighten up your day and make the next hour that much more bearable. 

Reach out to us and let’s find some more ways we can better embrace this thing called life and motherhood!


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