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What Is Sand Tray Therapy?

Sand tray therapy is a treatment modality that is used concurrently with most kinds of therapies. It is most beneficial when working with children, couples, and individuals that have experienced trauma. The elements of the sand tray process are therapeutic because they promote communication, play, and  relationship.

The Elements of Sand Tray

There are seven elements involved in the sand tray process. They are: sand, symbols, water, the client’s personal perspective, the client’s hands, the counselor, and a safe environment.  

Reasons For Using Sand Tray Therapy

Emotional healing is reached when the inner self is recognized.  The sand tray creates a place to experience and explore that understanding. A sense of control is felt while making sense of a crisis. Sand tray therapy can also speed up access and comprehension of deep underlying problems and emotions.

Meaning Making

Much of sand tray therapy’s foundation is the ability to tap into the unconscious mind in order to pull out unresolved inner conflict.  This allows the client to tell their story. Sand tray even has the possibility of leading someone into the layers of their experiences. Many of these layers are often pre-verbal. The pre-verbal layers have been forgotten by the conscious mind.  This development can lead to a deeper knowledge of why certain behaviors are present 0r cannot be solved.

When A Client Gets Stuck

Another wonderful aspect of sand tray therapy is that it can provide relief for someone who feels “stuck” in a traditional talk therapy situation. Those that might habitually get hung up on something during therapy are allowed to approach that problem from a different angle. Support and reassurance are offered. 

For more information on sand tray therapy, or other questions relevant to any therapeutic topic, we are here to help!  Please contact Amy Wine Counseling Center at 832-421-8714.


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