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School is Back; Parents Rejoice!

It is that time of year; the kids are bummed about going back to school, but as busy parents, we are suddenly relieved, even excited.  Is it because we are glad to have someone else watch our kids for 8 hours a day?  Well, maybe, but I doubt it.  We will miss our kids while they are gone. I think it is because we will finally be back into a regular routine.

For nine months, we have a pretty regular schedule.  We get them up at a certain time, we get our day started earlier, we get busy doing what we do.  Then we pick them up or get them home and have our regular nightly routine.  It is quite literally, like clockwork.

Then summer comes and messes with our schedule, and theirs.

Now, not everyone loves routine as much as I do.  Some people are not stressed out by trying to figure out when to get that last load of laundry folded and put up. But, if you are like me, I couldn’t even find the right shirt that my oldest was supposed to wear today!  I about tore the house up looking for it… just to realize that I hadn’t done my usual Sunday laundry.  (Guess what I am doing in-between writing this – yep, laundry.)

Most of us really like a schedule.  Why?

Even when our children were infants, we were told to put them on a schedule.  All good day cares and schools have a regular daily routine for each classroom.  From a young age, schedules help us know what is coming next and give us a sense of security.  This is key to reducing anxiety and possibly even depression.  So, it is no surprise, that even as adults, a routine schedule helps us manage our day, meet our goals, take things off the to-do list.  All of these things help reduce stress and help increase our sense of accomplishment.  Accomplishment leads to increased self-esteem and decreases anxiety and depression.  This helps you become a better parent.

So, are you selfish for being glad that school is starting? No! If you are really honest, you are probably just relieved that you can get back to a regular schedule.  And that is better for everyone!

What is your daily routine?  What is on your to-do list today?  Go get ‘em! And, while you do that, I’m going to go finish that laundry.

If you or someone  you know is struggling with getting back into a routine, anxiety, or depression, we can help! Give us a call at 832-421-8717, or email us.


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