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Helping Helps

A new year is here and we all have resolutions. These resolutions include a lot of personal goals. For example, being more sociable, getting a better job, or more physically active. We think about the possibilities of life that could benefit us in the present and the future. However, volunteering never crosses our mind. The truth is that volunteering or helping really benefits our lives. The following is an example of how helping others, helps us.


Volunteering helps us connect with people who want to be a part of effective change. People who volunteer or who aim to help others usually are positive people. Meeting these new people can give you a different outlook on life.

Social skills

Volunteering challenges us to communicate with people who we wouldn’t usually interact with instead of staying at home alone. Therefore, we are challenged to listen, understand, and interact with people in a way we wouldn’t usually. The idea of communicating with people who are different makes us think about things we wouldn’t usually have to think about.

Self Esteem

Volunteering makes us think about ourselves. When we volunteer, we consciously compare ourselves and our life to others. This forces us to look at other people’s realities. We learn that while things may be complicated or difficult on our end, it could be worse.

Physical Activity

Volunteering allows us to be active in some capacity. Whether it be serving dinners, cooking meals, or unpacking a food truck. You are being active and creating opportunity for some movement.

Reducing depression

A big factor in depression is social isolation. As mentioned before, volunteering allows us to connect, communicate, and compare ourselves with others. The physical and social activity that come from volunteering releases chemicals in our bodies that combat depression.


Volunteering and seeing others volunteer allows us to recognize there are other people out there who want to contribute positivity into the world. There are people who are willing to do for others. You have the ability to effect change in the world!

If you are having trouble fighting depression, have self-esteem issues, or having trouble identifying positivity in the world, feel free to call Amy Wine Counseling Center at 832-421-8714.


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