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New Year, New Goals

There is something about “the new” that makes me stand up a little taller. I love new things: a new type of coffee to try, a new journal, a new park to visit, a new recipe… The New year is no exception. I love the new year. 

I think what cultivates my love for these new things is the realization that often these things create a hope inside of me. A hope that something good is lying ahead or waiting around the corner. 

Maybe you feel the same way about the new year. Perhaps that is why we have the tendency to reflect on the past year and set thoughtfully crafted goals for the new year. Goals help us shape our anticipation for what lies ahead. Goals not only help us navigate life but it often determines the next on our roadmap to get closer to “the new”. 

And I love a good set of SMART goals, but here’s the thing: THE NEW WEARS OFF pretty quickly. Don't be discouraged by it. Instead of chasing the new, what if we decided to walk faithfully towards growth and healing in 2024. 

Goals point us into the right direction, but it never promises a smooth linear process. And that’s exactly what growth and healing offers.

Therefore, let’s commit to dream big, plan thoroughly, set SMART goals, expect the hopeful new things, but let’s be sure to offer ourselves grace, compassion and wisdom that accepts the journey in whatever shape it comes. Let’s embrace the twists and turns in 2024. 


Corlischa Badenhorst, Practicum Student Counselor


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