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Stay the Course…

Three years ago, I made a career switch. When looking back, it does not seem so long ago. During my first semester, I was excited about the material we were covering, the curriculum ahead of me, and the classmates I was sharing this experience with. However, May of 2019 seemed like a destination that was decades away. Fortunately, I received some great advice early on during my studies.

“Trust AND enjoy the process.”  

Heeding this advice, I switched my focus from the destination to the moment. During the last three years, I have enjoyed every step along the way. I have been active in my studies and the friendships I have cultivated. Yes, there were times that I was looking at the clock in class – but, that had more to do with wanting to get home before 11:00 at night!

Something cool happened to me by switching my focus from an endpoint to the present. I found myself truly enjoying the process. With careful weekly – and sometimes daily – planning, the time flew by. I never forgot what the end goal was, I just stayed the course and found joy in the little things. Rather than dreading a paper or a test, I embraced these challenges as opportunities to grow my skillset.

So, in my final blog, I just want to share with anyone reading the same advice I received three years ago – trust and enjoy the process. If you believe in your goal, take the first step. Yes, do stop and smell the roses along the way. Take time to notice the scenery, the brush, and the sunset. As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. So, find your passion. Define your goals. Develop your plan – and start moving forward. Yes, there will be ups and downs during your journey, but looking back, it’s what makes the goals worthwhile.

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