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Hurricane Harvey: Giving Back To The Community

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As much as I love our team coming together for a blog series, it saddens me that this particular set of blogs revolved around Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane has devastated so much of our beautiful Texas coastline, our community, and our hearts. Even weeks later, I am shocked to see standing water and piles of sheet rock throughout our communities.

You know what I’m not shocked about?

Seeing the thousands of volunteers, the seemingly unlimited amount of donations pouring in, and the countless meals provided for those in need. There has been no room for my heart to stay broken with all the love and support floating in the air.

I have always been proud of my team at Amy Wine Counseling, both the counselors and behind the scenes staff. Throughout this event, I have never been more proud! Each person stepped up in the best way they knew how to continue to serve their neighbors outside of the counseling room. Here are just a few examples of what YOUR community counselors have done to help rebuild after Harvey.

  1. Crisis based counseling at the George R. Brown Convention Center, NRG Center, and throughout our personal communities

  2. Donating items to multiple shelters throughout the Houston area

  3. Helping neighbors rip out drywall and floors and pack upvaluables that can be salvaged

  4. Trauma counseling in homes that were destroyed

  5. Assisting local churches in opening and running community shelters

  6. Creating legal documents to help victims understand and file for FEMA assistance

  7. Donating money to various helping foundations including, but not limited to: JJ Watt Foundation, The American Red Cross, The Houston Food Bank, and The Montrose Center

  8. Opening homes for displaced neighbors

  9. Cooking meals and desserts for evacuees and volunteers

We are here for you, even after the crisis has passed.

I don’t share any of this with you guys for credit or a pat on the back. I share this in hopes you get a glimpse of the caring and compassionate staff at Amy Wine Counseling. From the moment you walk through the doors, we want to greet you with a warm hello and provide a comfortable atmosphere. Coming to counseling can be a stressful decision and our counselors recognize that. They meet you where you are and provide continuous support throughout your journey to a better you.

We care about you. We care about your neighborhood and your family. We don’t always get the opportunity to meet you outside of the counseling room and we love serving you and working along side you in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The rebuilding process has just begun. Rest assured you are not alone. We are still working with you – both in the field and in the counseling room.


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