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It’s You & Me vs. The World

Have you ever thought back to when you were dating your spouse and felt like there was nothing in the world that you two couldn’t tackle together? You saw your spouse in their element and best light, and you felt like you were on cloud nine. As life together continues, it almost feels like the smallest things seem to wedge their way into your relationship. Whether it is parenting differences, household chores, finances, or how often to have sex, these things can make you examine life itself and you wonder what you can do.

Be Basic.

This entails you and your partner going back to basics. It is expected that as we have more responsibilities, we rid ourselves of what was and push through to adapting to the changes. This could look very different for couples. One could schedule a camping trip, a no-technology stay-cation, or a genuine “first date”. As your relationship evolves, it can be helpful to go return back to what sparked your interest and also be willing to swim through uncharted waters together.

Differences Can Be Your Strength.

Many couples sometimes believe they should have many similar interests to keep their relationship strong. Having similarities is great until you start to wonder who you are and where they begin. Your differences can be the best strength to fight the opposing team. You might be great at planning the overseas trip, but your partner excels at dealing with the finances. Use it! If planning that trip impacts your mood and you attack your partner, it is time to evaluate what is going on. Avoid using what you are good at to attack your partner.

Get On Each Others Side.

When you operate from the perspective of knowing that your partner is not a perfect being and they do not have similar experiences as you, your views on certain things may change. When trouble starts to lurk and pushes you two on opposite sides of the boxing ring, its time to stop! There are times when we are emotionally deprived of something and we attack our partner for that. It will take some muscles to walk to them and be vulnerable. You are with your partner because there was something you trusted about them to know that they have your back.

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