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Life Balance versus Giving 100%

Life Balance

Imagine you have an empty cup and that you could fill it with five different kinds of juice to make a fancy juice blend. Now, pretend the 5 juices are work, family, self-care, spirituality, etc. Now, pretend that the cup represents you. If you tried to dump all of the juices into the cup what would happen? You would have a big mess to clean up because there is no way to get all of that juice into one cup.

So, what does it mean to give 100% of you to something and why are we all always striving to give more?

Clients often come to counseling looking for life balance because they are struggling with perfectionism, time management, balancing responsibilities, and prioritizing. Time and time again I hear people say things such as, “I give 100% of myself to my kids” or “Work is 100% of my focus”. While it is admirable that a person would want to commit all that they have to something or someone they love, in reality we cannot give 100% of ourselves to anything. We still have to make time for eating, sleeping, and sitting in traffic while driving to work! That’s what life balance is all about!

While I recognize that this is probably not what a person means when they state that they give 100% to something, it does bring to light an important fact. The fact that so much of the time we are over extending ourselves past what is mentally and physically healthy for us. Trying to fill the cup with only one thing (or all of them at once) when actually you need a little bit of each of the five juices to make the amazing juice blend that is you!

If you feel you could use some help in developing life balance counseling can help.  Call us at Amy Wine Counseling Center today. We can be reached at 832-421-8714 or contact us here.


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