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The Complexities of Nostalgia: Part 2

The Truth behind the Highlight Reel

Often times we use social media as a highlight reel. So, we post the happy pictures where things in life seem to be going smoothly. We often believe the lie that the people and experiences we post are as truly happy and care-free as we curated them to look. Before we know it, we can catch ourselves in a scroll hole. We see the happy times or the best of other people’s memories.

The Reality

We need to learn how to know better. How do you balance the happy and the sad parts? There are times where the true experience behind the picture is a series of twists and turns that weren’t always so great. For example, you might log onto Facebook and see that little notification that tells you about your memory from a few years previous. You click on it and see a picture of an old football game you went to in college. First reaction: Wow! Cute! That was so fun! Yet somewhere under the surface you remember more…that in fact, it was one of the games where an ex argued with you the whole day.

What about a picture of a past birthday dinner that happened just 30 minutes before you went out to a bar and made a fool of yourself?

Even pictures of you in high school, hanging out with friends that were close can be hard because it’s likely some of those friendships have faded.

Nostalgia is bittersweet. Your social media algorithms have no way of knowing that the pictures you posted smiling, huddling your friends, or cheering on a team at a game, were laced with sadness. Therefore, you have to be the filter. You are the first round of defense.

Try deleting the app or turning off the notifications for the memory reminder if you are in a time in your life where you need distance from the past. Focus and build more on being present.

If you need help reconciling some of your past memories, come talk to a counselor! Give us a call at 832-421-8174. Amy Wine Counseling Center is here to help.


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