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Mindfulness and Resolutions

Like many of you, most of my conversations in the last week or so have been focused on resolutions for 2019. What am I going to change or make better? What am I going to leave behind in 2018? How am I going to be the best I can be? What am I looking forward to the most in the new year? These conversations are great and all, but they can get a little overwhelming.


Recently, I was sitting around my fire pit in the backyard with a few friends. We were chatting about all the great things we are hopeful for in the new year. Some of us wanted to be more financially stable, some wanted to be more comfortable in their bodies, and some just wanted to make it to graduation in May. Everyone had ideas of where they hoped to be. Crazy enough, all of us are most looking forward to our different trips to Europe. We have been talking about going probably since the day we met!

Soon after that conversation, I was chatting with one of those same friends. She mentioned how she just couldn’t wait until May because then she could finally start living since school would be over. As true as that may be, I had to stop her in the conversation and remind her she is living now!

Making resolutions and goal-setting are really great ways to ensure that you are staying on track. No one wants to live a stagnant life. We want to grow and better ourselves. However, sometimes we get so focused on what’s to come that we forget to live now. I’ve read somewhere that maybe not every day is good, but there is good in every day. If we stay too focused on the future, we forget to see the good we have going on now.

How to Stay Mindful Daily

Check yourself (before you wreck yourself).

So often, we let our minds wander down rabbit holes that are unhelpful. We get lost thinking about what’s for dinner or how much laundry needs to be done. Staying present means we check ourselves throughout the day to ensure we are where we actually are. This can be as easy as asking ourselves, “What am I doing now?” and answering honestly.

Create community.

Humans are wired for connection. Although society tells us to move faster and get more work done, we are more present when we do the opposite. Cultivating relationships ensures that we have a support system to keep us grounded when necessary. Being around others also brings us out of ourselves and back into the present. So, text that friend that’s been on your mind. Grab lunch with someone. Make time for the people you care about as soon as you can.

Stay grateful.

My husband is the best at this! He is constantly documenting things that he is grateful for from huge blessings we didn’t see coming down to everyday things that just made us laugh until we cried. Staying aware of those kinds of moments keep you in the here and now. Being open to everyday moments of joy keeps you mindful and positive. I can guarantee, if you start documenting your daily finds, you will be wonderfully surprised just how fun living mindfully can be!

So, while resolutions are great, remember to enjoy the day you’re living. Don’t wait for your next vacation, your savings account to reach a certain number, or that degree to finally have your name on it. Find a peaceful balance in living for today as you simultaneously work towards bettering your tomorrows.


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