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Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance!” Oscar Wilde

Many consider February 14th the Day of Love. It is Hallmark’s most famous day of the year. Although for several, Valentine’s Day is not a warm day with chocolates given to them by their significant other. It is a day marked with memories of ex-partners, loneliness, and pain.  

History of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day is mysterious. While celebrated as a romantic holiday, the Catholic Church recognized this day much differently. Legend has it that Saint Valentine was a martyr who performed illegal marriages during the time of Emperor Claudius II.  The Emperor insisted that marriage was a frivolous event. He preferred men to volunteer their lives as soldiers to defend their countries rather than have a family.  Saint Valentine willingly went against this decree. As a result, he was executed for his crimes. Pretty romantic, huh?

True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Almost everyone has the need to feel loved, cherished, and important. This love does not necessarily have to come from a romantic companion. It can come from a higher power, friend, family, or even from oneself. There are many ways to make Valentine’s Day truly meaningful. Spread love in spontaneous and unconventional ways.

Spreading The Love

Do not focus on being single on this day. Instead, emphasize the love that you do have in your life. Center your thoughts on the people who care about you during the 364 other days of the year. Think about the words I love you, and what they really mean.  

Other great ideas include:

Take yourself to dinner or meet up with a friend.

Volunteer at a local food bank. Show others that love does actually exist through action.

Participate in random acts of kindness around your community.

Bring chocolates to someone in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Treat yourself to a massage, bubble bath, or any other activity that will relax you.

Above All

Any day of the year is a great day to show yourself or someone else how valued you are as a human being.  You are important and you are loved. Please remember that!

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