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Gender Norms and Mental Health

It seems that gender politics are at the front and center of society. From the news and your twitter feed, gender roles are at the focus of this era.


Headlines showcase the harassment of women in the workplace. They  are viewed negatively for traits that men are praised to have. Being told that you are not as competent just because you are a woman has a negative effect on a woman’s self-esteem. This feeling of inferiority has been plaguing women for eons. However, has it ever crossed your mind how stereotypical gender roles can affect men and their mental health?


Men grow up being told that they must be a tough provider, causing issues of inadequacy or anxiety if not met. Traditionally, men are taught that feelings are not manly. As a result, men suppress emotions and eventually release them in the only way that is socially acceptable, which is anger.

Men are far more likely to have anger issues than women.  Young boys are conditioned to believe that anger is the only manly emotion. Think about it. “Boys don’t cry.” “Crying makes you a sissy.” However, anger is excused with, “boys will be boys.”

Men are also less likely to acknowledge they need help or seek out a mental health professional. Seeking help means admitting that they do not live up to that unrealistic gender role.

The tides are changing. Society is beginning to recognize the effect that traditional gender roles play on our social and psychological health. The more awareness on mental health and the effects of traditional gender roles on people, the better. Men have feelings; it is human nature. It is time to accept men as human again.

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