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Happy Wife, Happy Life: Wife Appreciation Day

Write a love note.

Written notes will never go out of style. Nowadays, it seems like half of the interaction in marriage is through social media and emojis. But messaging and texting is so common now that is too simple, it’s too easy. Try writing something sweet on a sticky note and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your wife’s heart melts. Even more so when you go the extra distance to write a card. Write out the reasons you’re grateful for her. Start with, “I’m grateful for you and our marriage because…” Find the words to say thanks!

Participate in something your wife enjoys.

Soulmates or not – we’re all different, and chances are there’s surely an activity your wife loves that you do not. Maybe it’s romantic movies, a particular type of food, or a certain experience. Now is the time to zip your lips on the negativity, plan something you know she will enjoy, and decide to enjoy it as well. Speak your wife’s love language (don’t know what Love Languages are? I can help!) and participate in something they love. They will appreciate the sacrifice you’re making.

Do what is asked of you. 

OK, I know this particular one doesn’t sound very fun or sexy. But how pleased are you when you ask something of your wife and she does it immediately with a smile? It makes such a difference when you do tasks intentionally and with thanks. Own your role as husband and be the best one you can be. Take it further by doing something that has not been asked of you. Be agreeable. Remind yourself, “I’m doing the dishes because it makes my wife happy.” Meet your wife’s immediate needs and simply say YES to a request.

Give a gift. 

How often do you purchase a random gift for your wife without any occasion or prompting? Using your own pocket money to show a little love goes a long way. Fight selfishness and think of your wife. Surprise her with an unexpected and unprompted gift.

Make the most of special moments.

I get it – it’s easy to fall victim to our daily life routines and accept the monotony. You know what it looks like: the typical “How was your day, hun?” and “It was fine, dear” as you settle into the couch, switch on the TV, and slip into silence for the rest of the evening. Instead, take a moment when you reunite at the end of the workday to hold your wife close and really cherish her. Perhaps this is a good time to use the magic of the “6-second kiss,” or as Dr. Gottman says, “a kiss with potential.” Whether it’s in the kitchen or you’re attending a formal event, seize the moment. Get close and focus in on your love. The overall intent is to BE PRESENT. It is so easy to get lost in this media-rich, technology-filled, money-hungry world. So, take a few minutes to focus on what’s truly important.

Happy Wife Appreciation Day to all the amazing wives out there!

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