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Listen To Me!

It’s come to my attention lately that all of us get berated daily with negative and destructive messages about ourselves. Sometimes, we hear complaints from our parents or children; other days, we may hear it from bosses and coworkers. Often, we don’t even need anyone else’s voice in our head because we have mastered tearing ourselves a part on our own.

Rather than looking in the mirror and being satisfied that we have ahealthy functioning body, we degrade ourselves for not being the cover model for ESPN’s Body Issue.Rather than acknowledging that we have kept a stable job or can pay our bills, we complain that we work too much for too little pay. We talk about putting in more hours, doing more projects, getting more education — throwing more irons in the fire, whatever that means for you.

Or, maybe you’re on the other end of the “more spectrum.” Rather than enjoying time with our family where we are, we crave more vacations or more parties.

Often, we want to do more to show somebody we are enough.

Well, I don’t know who that “somebody” is and I don’t know how they became so important, but I’m here to help you (and me) stop trying to impress them.

I’m here to send you a new message to start telling yourself each morning.

…Ready for it?


That’s it. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Simply being alive has given you so much worth. There is no need to impress anyone or achieve certain things to add value to being you. You being a human is valuable. You being yourself is enough.

I know this message sounds counter cultural these days, but that is why it is so important that you hear it — let me correct that, WE hear it. (We’re in this together, remember?)

We have to start believing we are enough. We don’t need to be any skinnier, any wealthier, any more giving. We need to be satisfied with who we are.

Here’s two ways we can start speaking life to ourselves and combating the idea of “not enough.”

  1. Be nicer to yourself. Speak kindly to yourself. When you see yourself in a mirror, compliment you. When you make a mistake at work or parenting, give yourself grace to try again. Practice telling yourself this: “I AM ENOUGH AND THAT’S ENOUGH.”

  2. Leave yourself reminders that you are enough. Sometimes, I write inspiring quotes on my bathroom mirror or I make them my phone background since I tend to look at both throughout the day. By leaving motivation around my house, I’m taking the stress of trying to always accomplish the above tip.

Positive self-talk can be a difficult thing to master, but it is not impossible. You have the right to be the dominant voice in you life; you have the power to make it a positive voice. Through practice and grace, we all can begin living a life that is enough. However, if you need a little more encouragement and guidance, feel free to email give us a call.

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