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Self-Improvement Month: Becoming BETTER Week-by-Week

As human beings, we are our own worst critics. Most of us are guilty of focusing on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. We all have areas we would like to improve on, but improvement requires work and effort. It’s a needed, yet intimidating, change. If you were waiting for a sign to start, look no further… because September is Self-Improvement Month! During this month-long event, I challenge you to work on different areas of your life that need improvement. Below are a few suggestions for bettering yourself each week this month.

Week 1: Mentality

Sit back and evaluate how you feel about yourself. Do you get down on yourself because you don’t finish your to-do list every day or because you didn’t give 100% at the gym? Do you ever find yourself being critical of how you look? We need to put an end to this! This week, focus on how you can improve your mentality toward yourself. There are two excellent ways to accomplish this.

First, forgive yourself and let things go. Don’t hold a grudge against yourself because you are not the “best” at everything. Don’t beat yourself up for things you may have done in the past that you regret. Let things go. Move forward with your life. Each day, think about the good things you have accomplished and praise yourself. And especially don’t waste energy worrying about anything outside of your control.

Second, be grateful. Gratitude is one of the best remedies for improving your mentality and attitude towards yourself and those around you. Each day, make a list of three or more things that you’re grateful for. After doing this for some time, you will begin to notice all the little good things you have going for you, and your outlook will be much more positive.

Week 2: Physical

During the second week of the month, focus on the physical areas in your life that could use some improvement. Whether that looks like losing weight, boosting your energy, or just cutting your salt intake, set goals to make this happen during this week. If an increase in physical fitness is your goal, create a realistic fitness plan that you can stick to for several months. This could mean exercising three days a week, adding more weight lifting to your current regimen, and more. Additionally, take a look at your diet to see how well you are eating and where you can make changes. You know what they say: “You are what you eat” and “When you eat good, you feel good”!

Week 3: Spiritual

Your spirituality requires continual improvement to help you progress. When looking to improve your spirituality, find one area you can focus on this week to come closer to God. Whether that includes actually studying your scriptures instead of just skimming the verses, praying directly from your heart and not repeating the same phrases, or attending religious services more often, only you know what you can do to improve yourself and progress with your spirituality.

Week 4: Social

During the final week of the month, evaluate your relationships with those you care about, including your spouse, children, extended family, and friends. Ask yourself: How can I be a better spouse/parent/family member/friend? Do you need to put down your distractions and focus on what they’re saying? Do you need to spend more time with those you care about and less time working on your to-do list? Think about the qualities you admire most in your family members and friends. Do you possess those same qualities? Are you putting as much into the relationship as those around you?

Self-improvement isn’t a task you ask someone else to do; it must be accomplished by yourself and for yourself. This month is the perfect time to evaluate yourself, find the areas in your life that need work, and dedicate the time to improving those areas and watching yourself gradually become the person you want to be. Here’s to becoming BETTER!


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